Toxicology In Small Animals 2

Case 1:
Previous healthy 3yo MN labrador develops progressive generalised muscle tremors 1hr after coming in from the garden. Presents 30 minutes later. Slug pellets in garden scavenged.
PE: recumbant, severe tremors, responsive. CV/resp unremarkable. T: 39.5 degrees C.
What is your plan?

The contra indications for inducing emesis are:

Also need to think about…

We perform a gastric and colorectal levage under GA for GID. Important to intubate! Deposit activated charcoal both routes before recovery. What does activated charcoal do?

We hadn’t heard of this one before. Vetstream have some good information about it here:

So we continue diazepam and add propofol CRI. Continue to monitor closely and consider adding phenobarbital.

Onto the next case: Chocolate.

The higher the cocoa content the more severe the signs – dose dependent. 70% dark cocoa worse than Dairy Milk!


Ibuprofen toxicity…




Thanks again to Shailen for hosting this weeks session. Great toxins revision!

Hope the revision is going well 5th years 🙂