Small Animal Kidney Disease

So what questions do you have for Mrs H?






Now we have got out history lets do a clinical exam! This is what we find


Remeber blood pressure should be part of a routine physical exam for an older cat. Right anything else you would like to do?

So no retinal lesions are found on ophthalmic examination and Mrs H would like to investgate further. What do you want to do?

and in urine?

Right so here are the results of the biochemistry and urinalysis

Do the results show pre renal, renal or post renal?

How can we differentiate chronic from acute kidney disease based on the history?

Ok so we know Sabrina has chronic kidney disease and we know it affects 30% of cats >15years.

Great stuff so far! Mrs H wants to start treatment immediately…what are you going to do?

So we see Sabrina back after a week and her systolic BP is 150mmhg. We should suggest a revist in 1 month to check BP, renal function and UA. If stable then every 3-4months
Whats her prognosis?

Great stuff so far. Remember we also have some advanced options that we could offer later on

So what happened to Sabrina?

Thats it for this session! Hope everyone found it useful and a HUGE thank you to Rosanne Jepson for a brilliant session!