Small Animal Blood Work Up : Part 2

In the second session we looked at some blood results, discussed interpretation and came up with some differentials.

Don’t worry if you missed part 1 here is a link to the summary: 

A link to the blood results we looked at: 

Lets start with some top tips for general interpretation – any ideas?

Great start. So it is important to take a step back and think about the animal in front you in light of biochem results. If things don’t fit – re-check.
Onto the first case…

Case 1
9mo Italian Greyhound, BCS 2/5, intermittent anorexia and trembling, and seizured after recent meal. O reports smaller than sibblings. Have a look at the bloods:

So it is easiest to look at the width of the reference range, as variations are relative to this. For example, look at Ca vs ALkP.

Back to the panel…

Great! Liver enzymes are increased coupled with decreased albumin, urea and cholesterol which point towards liver damage.


Moving onto interpretation. Low urea as liver is not working properly. Why low creatinine?

A little bit of background on microvascular dysplasia…

Do the bloods fit with PSS?

How would you confirm your Dx?

Good work with the first case. Moving onto case 2…
14yo MN vomiting cat with weight loss

Any initial thoughts?

Great list of ddx. Can we rule out any of those here?

Are bloods helpful for diagnosing neoplasia?

Case 3
11yo Golden retriever presenting with a laryngeal mass.
Look at the haem and biochem together:

Any differentials?

Any questions?

Thank you Zoe! Two really great sessions on blood interpretation. Hope this is useful for revision.
Look out for next weeks #vetfinals ! 🙂