Pain and Analgesia Feline

Kate begins the discussion …
An RTA cat presents, mouth breathing, pulses weak, tachy, unable to stand… what do you want to do next?

Good point made from Lucy – remember ABC!

Great! O2 and triage, good start…

Some good answers here. So while stabilising the cat, what can we do for pain?

So opioid is a good option here – methodone great choice. Anything else?


We’ve got a joker over here…

Excellent. So we establish IV assess and begin replacing fluid loss, run biochemistry and haematology and attempt conscious X-rays…

Great. Anything else?

Awesome. Good options for anaesthesia here – inducing with alfaxalone or Ketamine/midazolam are appropriate.

So we manage to take an x-ray. Take a look. Ouch!

Anything else?

Nailed it!

Great first case. Let’s move onto bunnies now…

Not forgetting…!

Great work! Useful resource on rabbit analgesia and anaesthesia by IVIS: 

Excellent. Remember the pneumonic for rabbit pain…
Appetite, Aggression
Behaviour change




Lastly, have a look at the following pic…

Useful paper on use of soaker catheters post op: 

Thank you Kate for a really useful and interesting #vetfinals.