Let's begin!

1. Evaluate radiograph for technical quality (positioning, exposure, artefacts, collimation)
2. Recognise the radiographic abnormalities (evaluating the whole image)
3. Describe the radiographs
4. Make a list of differential diagnoses
5. Recommend/perform further testing

Next …

1. Heart and great vessels – size, shape, position
2. Pulmonary vasculature (size, turtuosity)
3. Lungs and airways (increased opacity vs decreased opacity patter)
4. Pleural margins (opacity – gluid/gas)
5. Mediastinum (displacement, enlargement, oesophagus)
6. Extrapleural structures (ribs, spine/sternum, forelimbs, cranial abdomen)

The case …

Make sure you always assess the whole radiograph (extrathoracic structures too)

Therefore major differentials would include…