Feline Cardiology

Lets get started!

What would you do?


Any differentials yet?


Great answers so far!

Video 1



Video 2


Video 3


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Official answers:

Right back to Sooty. Here is his breathing pattern, what his breathing pattern?


We used online polls for submitting choices but the answer was RESTRICTIVE


So between ultrasound and radiography first…

We do ultrasound first then radiography. With a cat like Sooty a lot can go wrong in radiography

Thoraccic ultrasound:



Somethig interesting and very helpful:


So going back to Sooty, what are we going to do next?



After doing all this have we narrowed our differentials?


This is the online poll results for the differentials

So what tests are we/can we do to narrow our list even more?

Echocardiography is the way forward. Here it is:



It is a bit difficult and this may help

So this is a cardiogenic pleural effusion. Is there anything else we could have done apart from echo to detect heart failure? (Bonus tweets from Kieran!)

We have covered a lot in this session but its still not over!

Thats it for tonight, a great session and managed to go through a lot! A huge thank you to Kieran for leading it and making it so interactive!
Next session is our last one of the year on Sheep Cases!