Canine Diabetes Mellitus

The preliminary announcement! Guidelines seemed to go down ok so we thought we’d give it a go…

People were, it has to be said, quite excited and nutritionally prepared…..

We started with some intros and then kicked off with a question to get discussions going

Nice easy PPS question to start with (!) Some sensible answers


And then it got a bit trickier…..

Zoe wanted to pin down what the urine sample would help you establish…..


But this was questioned!

And Nay got this correct…

The next steps in the diagnostic process were then discussed

There was a bit of confusion over the cataract issue but Kat jumped in….

There was a question that noone seemed to answer as well

It’s a good question too. Despite the poor concentrating ability of the kidneys due to the osmotic pull of the glycosuria, the glucose is measured as solute on the refractometer so the USG is typically high normal – you need to be aware of this and not assume that the animal has normal concentrating ability as it doesn’t! #toolongtotweet

Then it was onto the tricky UTI issue…..

There was some uncertainty – most peeps seemed to know that WBC and bacteria were important elements but Zoe wanted specifics!

Neither of these were the complete answer. Takes a bit of thinking this.

This had you foxed a little as well, but we got there eventually


Turns out you should have paid more attention to Dr Jones

Minus a little bit of distraction from a year 4 and a horse question, we were starting to pin down the diagnosis and consider what to do next

There was a little confusion over insulin types but whilst Zoe had her well deserved dinner it all got sorted out

And Louise left a link to a useful site for further reading


So there we have it…the first #vetfinals chat…the feedback was good – it was hard to follow (and keep up with) at times but if you had the hashtag saved on your Twitter feed that really helped things along

And we even had some lurkers from other years….

And this is why it is important that the guidelines are followed as it’s very public – anyone can see it and great to have a practice join in! Please watch again!

Thank you to everyone who joined in. Suggestions for more topics/guests welcome!