Small Animal Cases

2019 Cases are highlighted in red


The wiggling kitten anaesthesia

Routine procedure anaesthesia

Sedation & Anaesthesia of the Aggressive Dog

Anaesthesia & Analgesia: The Painful Patient

Injured patient anaesthesia

The uncooperative patient

Pain & Analgesia (Feline)

Emergency and critical care

Boris is feeling poorly

Chocolate eating dog!

Traumatic Respiratory Distress

GDV & Emergency Surgery

Small Animal Toxicology

Toxicology in Small Animals

The Collapsing Puppy

The Blocked Cat


Congestive heart failure *2019*

Cardiology Pub Quiz


Small Animal Cardiology

Practical ECG Reading

Feline Cardiology


Blu the itchy dog *2019*

Small Animal Dermatology


PUPD in small animal medicine *2019*

Weight loss in a cat *2019*

Vomiting and Diarrhoea

The Acutely Vomiting Dog

The Yellow Cat

Inappropriate Urination

Small Animal Endocrinology

Feline Kidney Disease

Small Animal Nutrition

Imaging Theory & Pyrexia Case


Geriatric Feline Medicine

Liver Disease

Canine Oncology

Canine Vomiting & Diarrhoea

Canine Diabetes

Canine Chronic Diarrhoea 

Bleeding disorders

Small Animal Blood Work Ups: Part 1

Small Animal Blood Work Ups: Part 2

Bleeding Disorders in Small Animals

The Bleeding Dog

Neurology & Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology *2019*

Approach to a dog with seizures *2019*

The Neurological Boxer

Ophthalmology: Jeff the Golden Retriever

Canine Ophthalmology

Feline Ophthalmology

Small Animal Neurology

Canine Neurology


Teak is lame


First Day: Vaccines, wormers and chips!