The Routine Fertility Visit

The line of questions was then narrowed down to discuss drugs, specifically repro drugs:

We went through each in turn, starting with Prostaglandin, and discussed the effects they have on the cycle.

The risks of using the drug were also discussed.

Next we moved on to GnRH analogues:

We then moved on to discuss progesterone devices (PRIDs/CIDR):

Next, we moved on to antibiotics (intrauterine).

Don't forget to use datasheets!

We're on the way to the farm now, what are we expecting to see?

Onto definitions next, starting with PNC:

At what time post-calving?

Moving onto the PDs, when will we see those?

Don't forget that the important aspect is that you identify the NEGATIVES.

And finally, onto ONO/NSB:

Back to the farm now, and our first patient of the day.

Discussion generally revolved around either using PGF-2a (if CL present), or metricure (if no CL present).

Systemic antibiotics are rarely needed and the cow is very rarely systemically sick with endometritis. On to case 2:

Don't forget, it's not always because of poor observation!

Back to the case:

How about Ovsynch protocols?

But what is Ovsynch?

Here's a useful link for the common protocols which will be very handy for budding farm vets!

Now, onto herd health!

So what can we do for this herd?

What should we be aiming for with this herd?

And that's a wrap for this week! Thanks all for taking part, and a huge thank you to John for a very useful, clinically relevant session! Join us next week for some small animal cardiology fun with Kieran Borgeat from the RVC!