Sick Dairy Cow

Stephen is a little apprehensive as he has never used twitter! But here we go with his first ever twitter #VetFinals!

Lots of questions about taking a good history, this is really important. Robert is being very proactive in getting the farmer to examine the cow in advance! This can be helpful to us in knowing exactly what to prepare for, but you have to trust your client skills.

It is always a good idea to ask if the farmer has already tried treating the animal. They may well have already instigated a treatment trial themselves which will give you very useful information when you prepare your equipment to take or it may even adjust your clinic examination findings.

Well done Andy and Sonny, common things are common!

Biosecurity is always important!

That's Philippa! Never forget your bedside manner!

Hold your horses Andy!

Our potential diagnosis list is…

Does anyone have any thoughts on the use of steroids here?

Steroids are an idea, but it seems they have a big impact on lowering milk yields.

Phew!! The first ever Twitter #VetFinals for Stephen and he has survived! He liked it so much he will be back on Thursday for the second farm case this week!