The Barren Mare

So we started the session with…

Some good questions to ask the owner

Some good comments were made! This is what her vulva looked like:

Yes Isabelle, sloping can cause windsucking too

Next image is an ultrasound of her vagina, what do you think?

Perfect! So why do we need to do the vaginal exam as many have commented?

Yes correct, so…

Don't forget for your vaginal exam, you are potentially contaminating the mare. What do you see?

What do you see?

Yes! Note how you can tell what stage of the cycle the mare is at

So now…

On rectal palpation, the uterus was firm and tonic. The ovaries were 8x5x4cm with nothing palpable. So you perform a rectal ultrasound:

You decide to take a vaginal cytology…

So what now?

In this case we are giving dinoprost to help clearance by uterine contraction and to open the cervix, not just necessarily bring her back into oestrus

That is a good question!

So in summary treat with dinoprostal (PG) today and treatments such as lavage, oxytocin, aspirate and antibiotics are given daily until fluid clears. Expect to repeat treatments after covering. Dont forget…

So what about that cyst?

And now we had a few questions about the case that Gary answered:

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

And that was it!