Equine Surgery : Wounds

Lets get started with our case. 7 year old halfbred with this wound.


Any synovial involvement? How are we going to check?

What about synovial analysis?

Great answers so far! Now back to the lavage, what do we want to remove?

Time to move on…

Any ideas for solutions that you would use?

At what concentration?

Moving on now with a bit of a twist…

How old is the wound and how do you know is the question

Last few questions before the end of the session

So we've said infection and hypergranulation, what else?

Now this is what happened after our excission of the excess granulation tissue:

Perfect if you thought grafts, what types of grafts are there?

So to recap Island grafts: pinch, punch and strip (tunnel) grafts,
Sheet grafts: Mesh, split thickness and full thickness grafts
Also someting new which is still being tested is tissue expanders which could be an option too!
Quick test now…

Back to the case now and its post graft results


It did have a cast on but that isn't a cast sore.
Hint: Sinus tract…
What now?

Heres the radiograph. What do we think?

So what are the treatment options?

Sequestrum formation in general:

Coming towards an end now. What are the risk factors for a sequestrum formation? and how can we minimise a sequestrum formation?

Anything else?

Thats the end of tonights session. Thank you to Patrick for spending the time to do tonights session which was really useful! Next session is on thursday on SA cardiology.