Past sessions

After each session we try and collate the Tweets into a Storify summary, so that you can continue to use the sessions for revision. Here is a list of links to some of our previous sessions. If you would like to volunteer to be involved with post-session collation please let us know via Twitter.

Small Animal Cases

Emergency and Critical Care


Neurological Boxer

Vomiting and Diarrhoea

The Yellow Cat

Ophthalmology: Jeff the Golden Retriever

Sedation & Anaesthesia of the Aggressive Animal

Inappropriate Urination

Small Animal Cardiology

Practical ECG Reading

The Acutely Vomiting Dog

Traumatic Respiratory Distress

Anaesthesia and Analgesia- the Painful Patient

Small Animal Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia and Analgesia


Small Animal Endocrinology

GDV & Emergency surgery

Feline Cardiology

Feline Kidney Disease

Small Animal Nutrition

Canine Ophthalmology

Imaging Theory (& Pyrexia Case)

Bleeding Disorders in Small Animals

The Bleeding Dog

PU/PD in Dogs

Canine Endocrinology

Small Animal Neurology

Canine Neurology

Toxicology in Small Animals

Small Animal Toxicology

Collapsing Puppy Emergency Medicine

Feline Opthalmology

The Blocked Cat

Small Animal Blood Work Ups- Part 1

Small Animal Blood Work-Ups- Part 2

Analgesia in dogs

Pain & Analgesia (Feline)

Geriatric feline medicine

Liver Disease

Canine Oncology

Canine Vomiting and Diarrhoea

Canine diabetes

K9 Chronic D+

First Day: Vaccines, wormers and chips!

Farm Animal Cases

Lameness in the Dairy Cow

Bovine Abortions

Farm Animal Parasites

All Things Sheep!

Antimicrobial Use in Farm Practice

Routine Fertility

The Scouring Cow

Sheep Cases- Footrot and Scour

Dairy Cow Fertility

Sick Dairy Cow

Lameness in cattle

E.coli outbreak on a farm

Abortion Investigation in Cattle

Bovine Endometritis

Bovine Dystocia

VPH Parasites, Meat and Milk

Equine Cases

Castration in Equids

Figuring Our Foals

Equine Wound Case

The Barren Mare

The Sick Foal

Equine Cardiology Cases

Approach to Equine Hindlimb lameness

Equine Radiography Revision

Approach to Medical Colics

Equine Wounds

Coughing Horses

Approach to the lame horse

The Poorly Performing Horse

Nasal Discharge


Equine Laminitis

Retained Foetal Membranes in the Horse

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