Hints, Tips and FAQs for #Vetfinals

Hints and Tips

The fast paced world of the #vetfinals revision chats can be a difficult place for the unseasoned tweeter to get accustomed to so here are a few bullet points in getting started and making the most out of the #vetfinals sessions.

Getting Started

  • First of all you will need a Twitter account. This is free to set up and requires just your name, an email address and password. Follow this link to get going www.twitter.com.
  • Once you have a Twitter account make sure you follow @vetfinalsguest and @mossposs to make sure you see tweets from the host.
  • If you are completely new to twitter you may find it useful to ‘follow’ some of the other users involved in the chat so that you can be sure to pick up any missed tweets.
  • Once the chat begins, use the search bar to follow the #vetfinals feed by entering #vetfinals into the search bar and selecting ‘all’ when the option appears below the results header. If you do not select all twitter will only display a selection of the results and you will miss parts of the chat.
  • Before you start tweeting, be sure to read the digital professionalism page and familiarise yourself with good online practice.
Example screen, following #vetfinals

Example screen, following #vetfinals

During the Session

There are a few simple rules that if everyone follow will make the whole session run more smoothly.

  • Always include #vetfinals in your tweets relating to the conversation. Try not to use it in unrelated tweets during the session as this can lead to confusion
  • If tweeting a response to a question use the reply button on that tweet. This will allow all the responses to be collated together and forma logical progression. This will help prevent your tweet being missed but do remember to still include #vetfinals.

Making the most of it

There are a number of software applications out there for all devices that may help you to manage your tweets more effectively and prevent you from missing vital tweets.

  • TweetDeck

My favourite of these (I have limited experience of other to be honest) is TweetDeck. This is an application that is run by twitter and available across most platforms, though according to some news articles the mobile apps may be phased out in the next couple of months. For PC/Mac users the best place to start would be tweetdeck.com.

One suggestion for use of TweetDeck would be to create a number of relevant columns, namely

  • Me (yourself – tweets that make reference to yourself)
  • #vetfinals (the full vetfinals thread)
  • @vetfinalsguest (tweets from the session leader)


Q. How do I know when a #vetfinals session will be?

A. If you are following #vetfinals and @mossposs you should be able to see alerts about upcoming sessions.

Q. I am using twitter on a mac, but how do I type a hash (#)?

A. By pressing the alt and 3 keys at the same time.

One thought on “Hints, Tips and FAQs for #Vetfinals

  1. Hey! My name is Marit and I am the social media responsible for the EVECCS (European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society) PR team.

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in an ECC revision session led by an EVECCS member next spring?

    All the best

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