How it works

#vetfinals is a Twitter based revision club for vet students. Initiated by Nottingham Vet School, the club welcomes participants from around the world to join in scheduled discussions of specific topics using the hashtag vetfinals.


We ask students to nominate topics for discussion. These could be a specific disease/condition or a presenting sign. We invite a specialist or practitioner to run the session, and they begin at the nominated time normally with a case based discussion. Their tweets may come from their own account or they may use @vetfinalsguest. Further details of the case for discussion may be posted on this site prior to the session.


To join in, first make a Twitter account – this is free. Make sure you have read our digital professionalism guidelines. Then simply search for #vetfinals (making sure you are on “view all” if using the standard Twitter screen) and watch the conversation develop. It gets pretty fast and furious at times, but join in when you can.


We storify the session and post to this site, so that you can continue to use the sessions as revision material.


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