#O157 scenario

So this week we have something a little bit different – we will be running an interprofessional chat with some medical school colleagues from Dundee. As One Health becomes increasingly important we thought that having a discussion about an outbreak of #O157 would be very topical. We’ll be using #O157 as the hashtag for this session.

In order to prepare for the chat, please have a look at http://dundeepublichealth.wordpress.com/e-coli-o157/

The premise is as follows:

•2 adults and 3 children with suspected E. coli O157 infection.
•All exhibited bloody diarrhoea
•All had visited Clearwater open farm in the last two weeks.
•Environmental Health Officer visited the farm and took photos.
•Outbreak Management Team convened comprising:
•Public health medic
•Environmental Health Officer
•Local government official
•Health and Safety Executive representative
We will be discussing:
•How can vets and medics work together to control this situation?
The chat will be this Thursday at 8pm – please join in if you can, all years welcome, of special relevance to #y4rev as well as #vetfinals participants!

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