Good luck to Notts #vetfinals and feedback needed!

Notts finals start tomorrow so for anyone procrastinating here’s a quick job for you!

Yes, I know, we’re always asking for feedback…..but, as this is an extra-curricular activity that I have to really try hard to organise, I’d be so grateful for your feedback! A few questions spring to mind, but general comments also really welcome…

  • Timing – do we start early enough in the year (April this time) – would there be interest just after Christmas?
  • Is 8pm about right?
  • How can we keep the format interesting (some topics better attended than others)?
  • Are you using the storifies?
  • How can we encourage non-Twitter students to join in?
  • How can we encourage engagement from other vet schools? It was great to have Liverpool, RVC and I think Bristol joining in this year – could we engage through AVS?

Plus in general, was it useful, how did you learn from it…..??

Feel free to comment on this post, or tweet @mossposs, or email Liz……

A massive thank you to all our helpers, students and experts, who made #vetfinals work this year!

Thank you & GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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