First session of 2013

I’m delighted to announce that our first session of 2013 will be with Zoe Belshaw on the topic of canine cancer. The session will take place on Monday 8th April at 8pm for an hour. More details to follow.

If you haven’t taken part in #vetfinals yet then please read the instructions on this site. It will also be really useful for the #y4rev members out there so feel free to join in.

Sometimes it can be helpful to take part in your first session with someone who knows their way around Twitter – it can get a bit fast and furious.

We are just working out our timetable for the rest of the sessions but topics likely to feature are bovine repro, anaesthesia, pet chickens, equine medicine, equine wounds and nasal discharge and planned experts include Dr Tom Witte (RVC), Dr Mark Bowen (Notts), Kate White (Notts), Prof Chris Proudman (Liverpool), Prof Jon Huxley (notts) and Dr Rachel Dean (Notts). If you have any other ideas for topics or experts please let us know.

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