#vetfinals 2013 – what topic would you like?

Pretty sure it is time to get started with #vetfinals again – exams are not far away.

This year we’d like to use this permanent site to store our links to old topics and post information prior to the sessions.

If there is a topic you would like to see featured for an hour of speedy conversation, please post it here as a comment and we will see what we can do! If you are a vet who would like to run a #vetfinals session then please contact the moderators (listed on the right) via Twitter for further information. We’d love to get broader involvement this year from lots of different universities and practices. Please see the “How it works” page for further information.


8 thoughts on “#vetfinals 2013 – what topic would you like?

  1. Small animal neuro? I think Gareth might be doing an ophthalmology one so maybe one on common infectious/inflammatory/vascular neuro conditions?

  2. Maybe key vph topics? Relevant to the farm/vph exam. What about infectious diseases and testing protocols such as eia/eva in horses, bvdv/johnes in cattle – I can never remember gold standard vs realistic and which ones are pcr/elisa and why!

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